Thursday, January 13

my first blog

My friend Amy is an avid blogger, but i never really knew what they were... untill my sister e-mailed me her new blog and told me to check it out. since then i'v been searching around and reading various knitting blogs. Every day i look at more and more and i realised that i wanted one of my own. So here i am writhing my very own first blog! I hope i'm doing this all right I'm not the greatest with computers so wish me luck!


Allena said...

so cool jess! you should joing the christian knitters net ring i'm on....the link is on my blog! TTYL

Debbie said...

HI... Glad you decided to join the blog world.

Please resubmit your site to the Christian Knitters ring, You put in the wrong email address and I can't email you the code.