Saturday, January 22

A snow filled day

This moning my DH was out shoveling for at least an hour. poor thing. I wish i could have helped him but he wouldnt hear of it, me being prego and all. What a sweetie:) So i made him some nice hot coffee that was waiting for him when he came in. Then he had to go off to work, he works a douple shift today:-( We got at least a half a foot by and by the time he left, there was an inch or two more. Enough with the bad... its a great day for doing lots of laundry and lots of knitting! Today i woke up and looked at my new felted bag and was for the most part pleased. I wasn't quite sure i was going to like it when i was knitting it but in the end i'm happy with it. It went so quick... i feel like i could make 37 more! lol. But i do have a bunch of yarn left over so i think i'm going to experiment with it and create my own bag. That should be fun. Alright my little man is getting restless, mommy's on the computer again.... Happy knitting to all!

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