Thursday, January 13

Thursdays :)

Thursdays are my knitting nights. I love thursdays! Its at our local yarn shop . We call ourselfs Chix with Stix. Everyone there is so much fun to be with. I can't wait to go.

I've been knitting for 7 months now and havent made myself anything. Untill two weeks ago I decided to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves from Weekend Knitting. I had a beautiful yarn stashed away for such an occasion. From Reynolds yarns, Odyssey 100% merino wool. Its mostly an olive tone with some gold and blue thrown in for fun. Its so pretty! Once I figure out how to post pctures it'll be up asap. Anyways I finished them today and decided I don't like them.. for me. This was the second time I acutually followed a pattern. the fingers didn't fit me the way I had hoped. Guess you could say I'm a perfectionist:) For example: I see a mistake 5 to 6 rows down... i'm froggin without hesitation. Its quite the curse. lol. Well its time to make dinner... then off to the shop. Happy Knitting!

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Allena said...

Jess! hey i'm sooo jealous of you getting to go to a knitting thing! when i get back to the states for sure! well anyways i like reading your blog b/c it's almost like talking with you....which by the way i'm going to try and give you a call if you're not home i'll leave a message! well i'll TTYL lil sis!