Monday, January 17


I decided to try something new. I haven't done cables yet so i thought it was time to master another skill in the land of knitting. I'm making a baby hat, for my soon to be little one. Its pink, even though we don't know if its going to be a girl or a boy. I'm just going to make two. The next one will be blue. I know... so original. but I didn't want to make a nutral one, greens and yellows arn't the prettiest. Plus this way i get an excuse to knit more! I'm getting more anxious... less than 8 weeks to go! I think it will be fun to find out the old fashion way. The only bad thing is that we have to come up with 2 names. To me that is the hardest part of having children... deciding on a name. And its not just one, you have to come up with a middle name too... that sounds good with the first one. Ahhh!!! i've been putting it off for a while but i'm running out of time. I'm sure everything will be fine in the end but getting there is the hard part. Its getting late and i work in the morning.... so happy knitting!


Allena said...

I have a solution for all your problems!!!


LOL j/k i think it should be fun to find out that way...though i want to know ASAP what you have so i can get started sending you the baby things.....esp if you have a girl i've got all the clothes you need! and then some!

bella's wearing the sweater you made her today btw!
well just checking in! ttyl baby crying

Amy Lu said...


You've been blogging a week and haven't told me????

{grin} I'll come over and we'll mess with your blog, I'll show you how to change things and stuff.

Welcome to your new addiction!