Friday, January 4

rip for happy knitting

Yesterday I turned this:

into this:
(actually the three smaller balls were the ones that needed to be ripped and the two larger ones were just barley started)

because I found this pattern. It was almost
exactly what I was doing but I originally wasn't following a pattern. Now I can, and I really like it! I'm to the point where I put the arms onto a yarn holder to work the rest of the body... I just hope I have enough yarn.

I forgot to say that I received a gift certificate for my LYS from my MIL for Christmas.... Last night was knitting out at the shop. Look what followed me home! The Knitter's Book of Yarn. It is a really cool book, really!!! I'm so excited! But I'm going to make myself finish my Christmas presents and most of my top 10 list first, before I start on these:

I've been wanting to challenge myself with something difficult, or at least something I haven't dipped into
in the wonderful world of knitting. Some Norwegian Snail Mittens should do the trick :o) I'm substituting the brown for the dark blue, the purple for the light blue and the green for the green. I'm not too good at choosing colors but I think these will be ok, what do you think? Plus they should go well with my new brown coat!

To catch up on my picture a day...

Day 3 (Jan 3rd)
The start of hubby's mittens...nothing to interesting.

Day 4 (Jan 4th)

My goofball Leah. She is always laying in or on things. My motto take the goofy pictures while you can, pretty soon she'll be to mature for things like this.


sue said...

Greenjeans is a great pattern isnt it. I love the mitten pattern too, good on you for trying new things. Leah looks so cute in the basket, and yes they do grow up too quickly.

Sonya said...

Those are going to be adorable mittens! I like trying new knitting things too. Greenjeans will be cute in that pretty pink yarn.

Allena said...

that mitten pattern is a beautiful pattern!
the sweater is wonderful too. i've never seen that one before but i love it! it's totally going into the queue!

Kimberly said...

Isn't that a great book?? I'm reading it too and am learning so much. I love your colors for those mittens.