Thursday, January 31

Just in time...

I finished these bad boys @ 11:30!!! Sorry for the bad pic, crappy lighting. I'll swap out pictures tomorrow, when I can get some with natural lighting. *I swaped them out!* So here they are. I used the magic cast on and did a toe up.... I didn't really follow a pattern just made it up as I went along. I did use Becca's toe up heel flap formula, love it! this was also my frist time knitting socks and using every last bit of yarn for the same pair... Ok well almost, I had a little left over on one sock, but only a yard or two:O) see the tiny little bit?! I was quite proud of myself!

Ok, project stats:

Start Date: Jan 13~ish
End Date: Jan 31st

Yarn: Meilenweit 100 Colortweed

Pattern: basic sock (my own) plus Becca's Toe up heel flap formula

Needles: Addi Turbo's US#1

Recipient: My dad! (this is actually the first hand knit item I've made him...its about time!)

This was my #5 for my top ten stash along... yeah! One more down!


sue said...

Great socks, and I am sure your dad will wear them lots too.

Sonya said...

Yay for finished socks! I'm sure your dad will love them.