Wednesday, January 30

Another update...

I will have knitting content by the 31st... oh wait that's tomorrow. I better get knitting, I have a pair of socks to finish!

but first picture updates...

Day 25(jan 25)
I painted Leah's toe nails with her very own "po nail poish" and she made me do mine just like hers... She loves purple!

Day 26 (Jan26)
I spent the day at my LYS, where I work. Unfortunately for the owner the weather was horrible and I only had 2 people come in all day. Fortunately for me, after I organized some yarn and did some other busy work I got to sit and knit. If you look closely I was sitting in the rocking chair next to the fire(to the left) Behind me is the LYSs lending library and to the right is a wall of knitting needles. I really like how you can see so much detail in this tea pot.
Here are my sock in progress, since this picture I've knit the heel's and I'm on the way to finishing them... more on that tomorrow! My fingers are crossed!

Day 27 (Jan 27)
After a long hard day without a nap, this is Gabe at 7pm.... It was nice, we came home from grandma and grandpa's and all 3 kids zonked out in the 7 minute drive home. They didn't even wake up when we put their pj's on :O)

Day 28 (Jan 28th)
I got to hold this all day long, a sick and sad little baby. Poor thing. But it was nice having her cuddle all day long, usually she is too busy and is always on the go~

Day 29 (Jan 29)
Minestrone soup. I started out with some red and yellow onions, celery and garlic. Then went in the carrots. Next was the potatoes, then the green beans, zucchini and yellow squash. At the end I topped it with some kale and let that steam for a bit.... don't forget the salt and pepper, stir it up and.... voila dinner in a bowl!

Day 30(Jan 30)
Thanks goodness Chloe is starting to feel better! I was getting scared yesterday when her temp wasn't going down, even after Tylenol.... So I got some ibuprofen and she actually slept through the night! Woo Hoo! Here she is having a good time playing.

Hopefully by tomorrow at 11:59 I'll have finished my dads socks... I always seem to procrastinate with my socks but so far I've been able to finish a pair a month, I hope I can keep it going! If so I'll be back and posting soon:O)


Allena said...

love the photo thru the barn!
i'm so glad she's getting better. tylenol never works for my kids either

Karen said...

Great pictures, as always. It's so fun to share your daily life through your pretty pictures. Good luck on those socks - I'm sure you'll have them done in time to get your "J".

Sonya said...

Glad Chloe is feeling better. Your minestrone looks wonderful. We've been making lots of chicken soup lately. Good luck with your socks!