Sunday, January 6

uh oh

It was 7:30 when I realized that I hadn't taken a single photo today... Its only the 6ht of January, I can't mess up this early in the game. So I did a little photo shoot with the cute little baby of the house.

Day 6 (Jan 6th)
I liked a bunch of them but I picked this one of the cute little tutters and fingers. I sort of feel like I cheated today... I'll do better in the future I promise!

Here are some of the others I liked...

Oh I finished
the body of mr greenjeans... but I'm definitely going to need that extra roving to finish the sleeves... bummer. Which means that I'll have to wait to get the roving, spin it, wash and set it, let it dry.... and then I can finish knitting mr greanjeans. I was on such a roll, I hope I don't loose my steam.

There are definitely other things i can knit in the meantime.


Allena said...

the whole process is to learn! so you're doing fine!

rainberry said...

Chloe is so cute!

Samantha said...

I love all your pictures. :) The photo a day thing is awesome. :)