Friday, January 11

project 365 update

I think I go backwards for this set... Its just easier in my brain that way!

Day 11 (Jan 11th)
Homemade mac & cheese! Its whats for dinner and so yummy! The kids love it and I don't feel guilty feeding them this kind of mac & cheese;o)

Day 10 (Jan 10th)
I made some Italian bread from scratch... at home! I do this for my job but always in larger quantities(about 80 a day). I finally did the math and made it at home :O)

Day 9 (Jan 9th)

We went to the children's museum and there was this giant thing... Hubby and Chloe made an impression. I loved the way it looked!

Day 8 (Jan 8th)
She really wasn't mad, just making a face:O) I took this of her because I cut her hair, in the back. A good 2 inches came off and made her hair look a lot fuller! This was her first real hair cut besides bangs, I cut my baby's baby hair!!! ahh

It went from this to this:

Not too bad... I think she looks really cute now, well not that she didn't in the first place;o) Just a little more grown up.

Day 7 (Jan 7th)
What a gloomy day. The snow was melting and then came the rain, thunder and lightning... Good for knitting!

It stayed like this for a couple of days... ick! I would have much rather had snow... it IS winter.


Allena said...

yeah for you baking at home! go jess! so are you going to hook me up with that math?
i made baggettes today from my new bread book! YUMMO

DawnK said...

The bread looks yummy. I love the bread I get at the restaurant, especially with parmesan cheese, olive oil and balsamic vingear on it! I'm glad the rain is done, too.

Leah looks cute with her hair a little shorter!

DawnK said...

Oh yeah. I love the pic of your hubby and Chloe's impression in the pin board. My kids liked playing with that, too. Heck, I also liked making impressions!