Thursday, January 24

Oh my I have some catching up to do...

So I started this picture a day thing thinking I'd post more often... I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since posting. I promise I be short and sweet :O)

Day 12 One of the most yummy cookies ever, they are called chocolate fudgies. Love love love em! A recipe link is on my sidebar!

Day 13
You've seen this picture... Socks for my dad

Day 14 There was actually some sunlight today and I was playing around with Chloe and the camera's natural light setting... I like how you can see the camera and my hand in her eye.

Day 15
I'm going to cheat for real this time... I had 2 pictures that I liked for the 14th... but the cute baby one won. I realized the day after the 15th I didn't take a single one.... so here I am using my day 14 runner up as day 15. I'll try not to mess up again;O) The edge of a buddy bag, for a late Christmas gift... I'm almost done!

Day 16 She is officially walking... AHHHH

Day 17 As Chloe was falling asleep on me before a nap (usually doesn't happen, she had a ruff morning) I had the camera on hand and snapped a few.... I love that my thumb is as big as her whole hand.

Day 18
Leah snuggling in her blanket.... it was a cold day, -3!

Day 19
Gabe with "orange teeth" Joe cuts the (rind
usually) white of the orange and then it looks like a goofy set of teeth. For some reason Gabe loves doing this while eating oranges:O)

Day 20

This is my new bible cover! I love it, its
a Vera Bradly and was on sale for only $12!!! I LOVE the colors too!

Day 21 Joe and the older two kids... shoveling the snow. They had a blast helping daddy!

Day 22
This is the only picture I took on tuesday, I opened the back door at work and snapped a picture of all the snow we got from the night before, someone said
we got a total of 12 inches in a day! I just wish I knew more about my camera so I could take better pictures of the snow... I love it!

Day 23
These are "my ovens" at work.... each deck fits 16 loaves of Italian bread in it. 64 loaves at one time or four sheet pans(of something else). See the stool in the bottom right corner ?! I need it so I can reach into the top deck:O)


Day 24 Today I was determined to finish up my niece's late Christmas presents... This little guy was the finishing touch!

Here they are:

I love the way they turned out but wish I would have done them sooner. My poor nieces have to wait over a month for their Christmas presents :o(

This is also the last of my #1 from the Top 10 stash project KAL! Only 6 things left on the list! I'm not counting Hubby's mitts with flaps...#4 I only have a few more inches to go, but I need to buy another ball of yarn for the thumbs... bummer!

1~ 3 buddy bags (Christmas presents for my nieces)
2~ convertible mittens (For my FIL) (Based off of the pattern for fingerless gloves #4)
3~ Hat with a baseball bill (I can't find a patt
ern for the life of me... I'll have to make it up)
4~ 2 pair of Fingerless gloves
one done, one to go! (just a few more inches!!!)
5~ socks for my dad
6~ Calorimetry
7~ Hat and scarf for Leah
8~ My handspun Mr. Greenjeans
9~ Leah's cardigan
10~ Mom's zip-up hoody
11~ Wallaby
12~socks for December for the samkal4


Sonya said...

You've got some great pictures! I love the buddy bags. Adorable! Do you work in a bakery?

sue said...

Great pictures Jessica. I love the buddy bags too and I am sure your nieces will love them too.

rainberry said...

Great pictures! I like your bible cover, I have a pink Vera Bradley purse. The buddy bags are so cute! I like the little bird in the purple one.