Friday, February 1

Late but loved!

We recieved our Christmas gifts form Allena and her family... We both agreed that our gifts were going to be sent late. I think it was more fun for the kids this way. they loved getting gifts again, Christmas#2!

When gabe opened up his he yelled "finger puppets for ME!!!" he was really excited because I've knit some for others and leah got some last
year from allena. He loves having his own! This is him yelling "ahhh" the little aliens were getting him:O)

Leah got the cutest little penguin. Actually I've had the privledge of seeing all these hand crafted items, thanks to the internet! She really likes it, and has been carring it and this pink bear around for the past day and a half since opening up the presents.

Speaking of the pink bear, thier cousin(bub) who is in school, has picked out gifts for them the past few years through the school. The kids wrap them there(at school) and get to pick and give thier own gifts out to thier families. Allena always asks what they got, because she never knows. Kinda funny. Bub dose a good job picking out things for the kids, they always seem to suit them! The bear~leah, the DVD~gabe, the sippy cup~chloe.

Last but not least was chloe's gift... the monkey! so cute! She loves loves loves it! you don't have to take my word for it, just look at her face! she loves that thing!

Allena you rock, you know how to pick em! I swear I'll get your package in the mail tomorrow or at the latest, monday! I won't make my sweet little nieces wait
any longer ;O)

Allena also got them a bunch of books:

so cool, the kids love books. the ones for leah(along the bottom) all have cd's in them and go along with the books!

Oh I almost forgot, I got presents too! Look! allena knit me this beaded necklace, so pretty. I wore it out last night to dinner, I felt "put together" for once! Normally I'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but with the necklace I felt just a bit fancy, in a good way!

Also this cool knitting book! Knit Baby Blankets! there are some really cute ones in there! And I know a few people that are jus
t pregers, so i might just have enough time to knit a couple up!

On a side note, I got a new phone! a motorola razor! and the best part is.... its pink! I also treated myself to a new traveling coffee mug. I purchaced it at starbucks... its also pink! Have I said that I love pink?!

As for knitting I'm going to be working on finishing hubby's fingerless mitts with a flap. I only need to knit the thumbs and one more flap. Then I'll be able to work on my bigger ticket items(from my top 10 stash project list). Hope your all having a wonderful week!

Knit happy!


Allena said...

that necklace is actually crochet.
i'm glad they like them!
is Chloe still a little sick?
thank you for the post. i hope you don't feel that i made you post this! LOL i'm a dork.

sue said...

Ooh what wonderful presents. The monkey is so cute even though I couldnt see his face.

Carol said...

Aww... The look on their faces is precious

Becca said...

Such cute photos!!! They all look thrilled with their gifts.

Your socks look wonderful. I'm so glad the heel flap worked for you. That baby blanket book has some very cute patterns.

Maybe I can get a pink phone next time!

Sonya said...

I don't think I've ever seen 3 more happy kids! Love your pink phone!

DawnK said...

What cool gifts. They all looks so happy! Your pink phone is cool!

Eileen said...

Wow those are a lot of great gifts!