Thursday, February 7

days 31-38

Ok something wasnt working with blogger last night... here are the pics:

Day 31 (Jan 31st)
A plate of oranges, we went through 4 of these plates after lunch... The kids just love them, even Chloe, I just had to cut off the rind for her. I love the color of them, so vibrant :o)

Day 32 (Feb1st)
I finished these socks on Jan 31st , at 11:30 pm... just in the nick of time to have them count for my January socks for the SAM 5 KAL! Of course finishing that late at night there is no good lighting... hence they are my feb 1st pic of the day.

Day 33 (Feb 2nd)

Gabe and Leah had a birthday party to got to at this really cool place. Gabe was one of the only boys, but he didn't seem to mind;o) I liked this picture because of how some of the kids are a blur... What fun to be a kid!

Day 34 (Feb 3rd)
This is a close up of Leah's Calorimetry... a bulky wool with a bit of glitter thrown in for fun! I really like these colors together too:O(

Day 35 (Feb 4th)
I cast on for a new project, a sample for my LYS.

Day 36 (Feb 5th)

Chloe's 1st birthday! Here she is with her gift... It was either news paper or christmas wrapping paper. I opted for the news paper:O) I really can't believe its been a whole year since having her.... wow, they sure grow fast!

Day 37 (Feb 6th)

It has been snowing since I got up(3:30am I'm a baker) and hasn't stopped. they say when its all said and done tonight that we are suposed to have 20 inches. Yesterday it was all rainy and slushy... now we have this beautiful snowy blanket! I love it! This picture was taken at 6ish pm.

Day 38 (Feb 7th)

I realized I hadnt' taken a picture today, so when Joe pulled out the ibupropen for his soar throat, I snapped a few, using the light from the lamp that I knit under. Plus it didn't help that he had to shovel tons and tons of snow yesterday... poor guy! (I shoveled too, I like to, but that snow was h-e-a-v-y)

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DawnK said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe! I love those socks! Are you making a market bag with the cotton yarn? Those oranges look yummy. There are times that ibuprofen is my friend, too!