Thursday, February 7

More FO's!!!

I made Leah a calorimetry(ravelry link)... so cute and a scarf(ravelry link) to match!

One more thing of my top 10 stash projects list. Now all that is left are the "bigger projects" I have a list on my side bar if your interested... ;O)

These both knit up super quick! She loves them, most days, until she hears Gabe saying that his hat it itchy... gerr older brothers.... then hers is too.

So it was my baby girls birthday on the 5th... I can't believe she is one year old, seriously I feel like I just had her, this year went by too fast!

I opted to make cupcakes rather than one big one. Leah picked out the color of frosting, which isn't at all suprising that she picked purple, she just loves it! Chloe did too!

And speaking of loving things, my dad told me he loved his socks! and they fit! I was a bit worried because I had hubby try them on for my photo shoot for el blogo and they actually fit him, maybe a bit snugly but still they fit him. He has a shoe size 12 and I think my dad is a 10 or 11, so I was a bit worried that they would be too big. but they weren't thank goodness! Hubby said that if they didn't fit that he'd keep them and I could just knit my dad another pair, HA! not that i wouldnt love to knit my dad another pair, but I busted my bum to finish them and I'd be a bit upset if they didn't go to thier proper owner. So here they are being enjoyed by thier rightful owner! I made him take his slippers off!

Anyways now that I've rambled on for a good while i'll stop and wish you all a good weekend!


sue said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe. I cant believe she is already 1. I think your dad looks quite smart in his socks too.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday (a bit late) to Chloe.

I love your dad's socks - good 'man colours'!

Karen said...

Oh, they are so adorable!! Happy birthday to your baby, and Leah looks so happy with her new fashion accessories. :)

Allena said...

love it all!
did chloe like the song we sang her on your cell?

Becca said...

That Leah of yours...she just slays me. I love it when you post her photo, she is unbelievably cute!! That little smile. Looks like Chloe is the same. Happy Birthday to her! If you think it's hard to believe when they turn one, wait until one of yours turns 12! I swear, just last week, he was 4 and now he says he's 12?

So glad your dad likes his socks. That's a man with happy feet.

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe! Your dad's socks look great. Looks like he is well-loved by his grandkids too.

DawnK said...

I love Leah's stuff. She's unbelievably cute, in her calorimetry and scarf! Your dad's socks look great. Happy Birthday to Chloe! When we met you, at the LYS, Chloe was only 4 months old, so it's so quick for me, that she's a year old!
I love the purple frosting on the cupcakes! Next year, Chloe will be able to tell you, herself, what color she wants!