Tuesday, February 12

Days 39-43

Day 39 (Feb 8th) This is the start of my February socks, for SAM5. I'm making myself start now so I don't have to cram it into the last week of the month. I dyed it using kool aid and thought the colors would go well this month with v-day comming up and all. Oh the pattern is Charade... its linked on my ravelry page.

ay 40 (Feb 9th) So I had a craving today and took it as a perfect oppertuinity to do a theme shot! Salsa... mmmm I love it! Its not from scratch but from a packet, all you need is tomatoes, a little red onion and some tortilla chips! So good! Are you drooling yet?! ;o)

Day 41 (Feb 10th) Some frost formed on the inside of my van... when I scraped it away I had little bits of snow inside of my van. It has been in the negative digits here, burr!

Day 42 (Feb11th)

Have you ever seen the insidedes of a bean bag chair?!

Well I have. Lea
h had snuck upstairs and unzipped it, srtipped down to her birthday suit (why I'm not sure) and was covered in these tiny little foam balls, head to toe, some were even inside her nose. The static in them makes a big hard mess to clean up. They stick to everything and anything. The vaccume... it melts them and makes a hard mass out of them inside of it. We spent the better part of the night trying to clean them up and fixing our vaccume.

Day 43 (Feb 12th)

No fun story, just some good old baby blocks, I like the shapes and color....


DawnK said...

Pretty, pretty socks! I love that yarn!!! Yummy salsa. I love salsa! Cold weather does make pretty patterns on car windows, if you take the time to appreciate it! I did try to appreciate individual pretty snowflakes on my mittens this afternoon. They are so intricate! I wished I'd had someone else there, to have taken a picture.

Sorry about the beanbag mess. Ugh. That doesn't sound like fun at all.

Allena said...

lol i'm rolling on the floor with the beanbag story.

Renee said...

Oh no...the beanbag chair. That's totally one of those experiences that you'll laugh at down the road but when it happens...not so pretty.

sue said...

Oh cheeky cheeky Leah. How awful having to clean that up, and yes I have been there. We have a bagless vacuum so it is quite easy to suck up the little balls and then pop them back inside. We used to put a safety pin on the zipper so our son could never undo it.