Thursday, February 14

To button or Not to button

that is the question. Also if To button, how many?! 1, 3.... please share your input! If i do decide to put buttons I will have to go and buy some... how big? hmmm to many options. I am the most indecive person ever! seriously, I am. I do know that if when I do button the cardigan I will only put them near the top, for I have made it a little to narrow for her little round tummy.

Ok anyways I give project stats, because as far as i'm concerned its a FO! Also one checked of my top 10stash project kal!!!! Woo Hoo! *me doing a little dance!*

Start Date: August 2007

End Date: February 12th 2008
yarn: Bernat Cottontots
Pattern: my own, inspired from the anthropologie-in
spired capelet. top down shaping...
Needles: US #7's (#8 on arms, I knit tighter in the round)
Recipient: Leah, boy she has gotten a lot of handknits lately...

Anyways, I think it turned out really cute and as for the stripes... I didn't have enough purple in my stash so I decided to do stripes, I wasn't so sure about the at first but now I adore them!

Now on to the picture a day...

Day 44 (Feb 13th)
So I didn't find this
"heart" but they were sent to me, a gift from God! The little loves of my life!

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day !

Day 45 (feb 14th)
More snow.... I think we have enough. And thats coming from a girl who likes snow.


Christy said...

I think a button on top would be cute. I usually take my stuff to the craft store and stick the buttons through the yarn to see what they'd look like on that certain project. I've been surprised at what buttons look cutest with some projects---things I wouldn't have picked just "off the rack".

sue said...

Oh yes one button at the top would be perfect. I love the little stripes too, they make it just so cute. Your kids are so cute all together.

Allena said...

i think a button at the top is the way to go. the stripes are super cute!

val said...

most little cardigans/jackets like this have the one round button up the top - its good then as the movement of the cardigan/jacket isnt restricted - and the little belly can still pop out *lol* :)

id go for a blue or purple to match the colour of the yarn you used.

DawnK said...

I think a button at the top, would be cute, so it doesn't fall off! I love the stripes. I also love the kids making the shape of a heart!