Friday, December 7

Another KAL...

Yes I've joined yet another kal :O)

So when I saw this over on Rebecca's blog I knew I just had to join! The gist of it is that you have to pick 10 projects to knit from your stash, hence the name of the KAL. From December to March you work on these and finish them. Oh yeah the big thing is that you can't buy any yarn, unless its for a charity thing. I told hubby about this and that I joined, and he said "this is a good one, I really like this group" Ha ha funny. I really don't buy that much yarn, but it will be good to get some of my unfinished projects done. I've had lots of success feeling self inflicted pressure form the sam kal4, so I thought why not give myself motivation to get some ufo's done and out of the way.

Some of my things are Christmas presents so half of my list will be done at the end of December. Alright so here is my list:


1~ 3 buddy bags (Christmas presents for my nieces) one is mostly done.

2~ convertible mittens (For my FIL) (Based off of the pattern for fingerless gloves #4)

3~ Hat with a baseball bill (I can't find a patt
ern for the life of me... I'll have to make it up)

4~ 2 pair of Fingerless gloves
5~ A tie
using some sock yarn!

6~ Calorimetry
This is some yarn I originally spun for socks... I think I have enough for this and socks... only time and knitting will tell!

7~ Hat and scarf for Leah
I found this yarn on clearance at michaels, and she liked it...

8~ My handspun shrug
I spun some merino and this is what I came up with... I just hope it turns out ok. I need to rip a little out on the arms, pretty much back to this picture. I don't like ripping so that is probably why I put it down. When this is finished it will be my first garment from yarn I spun!

9~ Leah's cardigan
I'm using bernants cottontots

10~ Mom's zip-up hoody (I started this in 2006 before I was pregnant with Chloe, she is now 10months old!) I'm using rowans all season's cotton

11~ Wallaby
I'm using lion brands cotton ease

12~ I almost forgot... I need socks for December for the samkal4

The first five on the list are for Christmas. I'm not too sure I finish them all on time, but I'm hoping I do! Also some I've already started and others I need to knit from scratch.... So here I go!


sue said...

Sometimes we need motivation to knit from the stash as there are always so many nice yarns popping up in the shops it is hard to resist. The KAL sounds like a great one. Good going with your list too, you sound so organized.

Allena said...

those fingerless mitts wouldn't happen to be for dawn and chris would they... you're stealing my idea if they are.. that's ok i'll make something else.

Rebecca said...

So glad I have inspired you to join the fun! So far, the Stash Buster 10 is keeping me focused. I'm getting ready to cross of another item on my list today .. LOL

Heidi said...

Although I'm not a knitter, I can understand the sense of accomplishment this would give you! (I have a couple scrapbooking projects I should have a goal for completing!) Have fun and don't give up! :)