Friday, December 21


I thought I'd update you all a bit. I'm knitting like crazy and haven't had time for the computer lately.... So I'll be updating you all with pictures... more info to be edited after Christmas!

This was our Christmas card picture!

we made cookies last sat.

The kids helped decorate!

I decorated llama cookies for the knitting group Christmas party last night!

Isn't the llama herd cute?!

I made 4 mug cozy for Gabe's teachers and teachers aids...

plus fudge and hot cocoa!

I finished my FIL's fingerless mitts, I still have some ends to weave in!

I made a basketball and hoop for a Christmas gift. I still need to figure out how to attach it to a door.

I made my niece's buddy bag... it still needs the i cord straps and a pouch on the front... She loves tink so I made it to match!

Oh and I don't have a pic of it but yesterday I made a white elephant for a white elephant gift exchange for the knitting group Christmas party! I actually had to sew the ears on after the exchanging part was over!


Sonya said...

Seriously, could those kids get any cuter?!? Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Allena said...

we got the card It's sooo cute! Leah cracks me up!
those llama cookies are awesome.
for the B-ball hoop get one of those over the door hooks (they make them for wreaths) that hangs low (really long) and is plastic. that should work. Or get those suction hooks or command adheasiv... those are just a few ideas.
tomorrow is my busy sewing day...

sue said...

Wow you have made so many wonderful things. You have been very busy. I love the knitted ball and hoop. The cookies look so delicious too. The llama idea is quite cute. Hope you all have a wonderful xmas too.

Eileen said...

CUTE kids! I love all your knitting projects, very nice!