Saturday, December 1

Mission Completion!

finished socks = happy little girl

Here they are! I think i finished weaving the ends in around 11PM last night. Just in time! Also I didn't have any yarn left over. Actually I barely had enough to weave in. She loves them and has been wearing them all morning. I did manage to get a little photo shoot in:O)

Project Stats:

Start Date: November 3rd
End Date: November 30th
Yarn: knit picks dye your own (kool aid)
Pattern: 3x2 rib w/cables
Needles: Addi Turbo US # 1
Method: Toe up, 2 socks on 2 circulars
Recipient: Leah


Anonymous said...

Yea!! Leah's socks turned out great! What a cutie -- she sure looks happy with her new socks! Love the cables, too~

sue said...

Those socks are so cute for a cute little girl. Isnt it nice when they love handknits.

Allena said...

totally cool she's just beaming

Friender said...

Those are great! It looks like she loves them--that's the best part. Enjoying the snow?

Becca said...

So cute! Love the piggytails on her. The socks are great, too.

Becca from Forward Motion

rainberry said...

Those socks are so cute and so is Leah!

Diane said...

They look lovely! And what a smile :-D

Eileen said...

VERY cute! I can't wait until I can master making socks.

Karen said...

They are beautiful . . . but they don't hold a candle to that bright smile. :)