Friday, December 28

I think I can breath now

It was here, now its gone. Its always a bit sad when Christmas is over. But in this case the pressure is off. Well a little bit at least. I still need to finish my big bro's fingerless gloves, my little bro's hat, and socks for my dad. They all got wrapped yarn for Christmas:O) The fingerless gloves were on the needles and he asked me if he had to finish them himself. Actually right now I just need to finish the thumbs and weave in all the ends.

As promised:

The white elephant.

Project Stats:

Started & Finished: December 20th.
Yarn: peaches & creme
Pattern: Elefante
Needles: addi turbo's US # 6 (2 circulars)

Recipient: my dear friend Paulette took it at the last minute form the original person who had it, she just had to have it! Lucky for her she had the last number! I'm glad its in a home where she will be loved!

Today it snowed, a lot!

I went out and shoveled and then Gabe and I made a snowman.
The first of this winter!

Then Leah woke up from her nap and came out to help shovel again. There was another inch in that short of time.

Here they are in all its glory... before Gabe knocked it over. I was a little upset, I worked hard on that and my pants were soaked. I need to find some adults snow pants.

Back to knitting... I was having the hardest time figuring out how to make my brothers hat. Well really the brim of it. he wants a beanie with a brim, like a baseball hat. You've probably seen them around.

Anyways he cut up an old baseball hat and gave me a piece of
plastic to be covered with yarn.... HA! I swear I tried it like 13 times. Then today after my third time trying today it came to me. I figured it out!! I'm so pleased with it! I might try to write up the pattern...

I'll see how my time management is going :O)

Here is the little man modeling it for me! Cute eh?!

Speaking of cute, the other day I saw this:

The two men in my life doing the dishes. Lately Gabe has been
wanting to help, which is just fine with me! It was so sweet, I had to snap a few!

Speaking of snapping pictures over a Ravelry there is a group called project 365ers I joined *grin* i know I'm joining yet another group! but this one is cool you take a picture a day for a year. I'm going to start it on the 1st. Hopefully it will help me blog more... I'm not sure if I'll post once a week or every day, i think I'll just play it by ear!

Here is one
picture I took today: I love how the snow lays on everything, so beautiful! God sure can paint a pretty picture! The fence, the trees the cables, snow makes my heart melt!

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Karen said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas - I agree, it goes so fast! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has given wrapped yarn or a WIP for a gift. :) Love the snowman, was so cute!! Too bad he had such a short life span. :( And your Elephante is adorable!