Monday, December 31

A few FO's to finish out the year

First of all I finished my big bro's fingerless gloves. I really like the way they turned out. I hope he likes them too!

Start Date: December 22nd
End Date: December 29th

Yarn: Jeager Matchmaker
Pattern: Men's fingerless gloves
Needles: Addi Turbo US #3 (2 circulars)

Recipient: My big brother

Then I realized that i needed to have some socks done for the samkal4. Luckily I had been knitting on some socks for a class I was teaching. All I had to do was finish the heel's of both and weave in some ends. I used the pattern my super cool sister Allena wrote, It was published in the knitting pattern a day calendar 2008. Toasty Tootsies, its a free pattern, so go check it out!

Start Date: November?
End Date: December 29th
Yarn: Lambs Pride worsted
Pattern: Toasty Tootsies
Needles: Addi Turbo US #10 1/2 (2 circulars)
Recipient: A shop sample or for me... I'm not sure yet!

Sorry for the crappy picture, I didn't get to take it during the day light... there is so little of it now-a-days.

Those two FO's are coming off of my list for the Top 10 stash projects! Well sort of, I still need to make one more pair of fingerless gloves for Hubby, then that can be marked off. Also I need one more buddy bag to check that off of my list. I'm still working on my little brothers hat... its coming along nicely.

Lets review my list:

1~ 3 buddy bags (Christmas presents for my nieces)
Two done, one to go
2~ convertible mittens (For my FIL) (Based off of the pattern for fingerless gloves #4)
3~ Hat with a baseball bill (I can't find a patt
ern for the life of me... I'll have to make it up)
Almost done...
4~ 2 pair of Fingerless gloves
one done, one to go!
5~ A tie
Make that socks...
6~ Calorimetry

7~ Hat and scarf for Leah

8~ My handspun shrug

9~ Leah's cardigan

10~ Mom's zip-up hoody

11~ Wallaby

12~socks for December for the samkal4


Christy said...

You've been busy! Love the fingerless gloves. I just made some convertible mittens for my BIL and I'm working on some for Carl right now. Fun stuff!

Diane said...

Happy 2008!
I just got the knitting pattern a day calendar and saw your baby hat pattern. Congrats! It was neat to see someone I "know" in print. I must try it!

Have a great new year!!

Karen said...

Happy New Year!!! Nice FOs to round out the year.

I just got your e-mail - sounds good! I'll answer after dinner (or maybe tomorrow, since Pea is home sick and probably will want me to sit with him. Makes him sound like a child instead of a grown man, but they are all big babies anyway!!) But YES.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2008.