Friday, June 15

socks socks socks!

I finished them! (just in time for the hottest summer ever)

Yippee Skippie!

Start date: November
End date: June 14th

Yarn: Lana Grossa

Color: 503
Needles: US 0 & 1
Recipient: Me!

Pattern: toe up, 3x1 rib

I started them quite a while ago, last November I think. I had gotten the yarn on our anniversary last year... So its about time they are finished!

I decided to actually bake some bread at home. What a crazy idea right?! I do it at work but have never baked bread at home. Anyways I was asking my self why I don't bake at home and not have to buy it from the store, and I couldn't come up with an answer. So here is my result! looks pretty good eh?! I was happy with it, it did rip open a bit on the one side but there is always room for improvement! It tasted great, and its almost gone so i think I'll be making some tomorrow.

My MIL brought over a whole flat of fresh picked strawberries this afternoon. They are sooooo yummy! They almost melt in your mouth! This means it strawberry picking time. The last two years we've gone. Its so much fun. At the end of the picking the kids faces are completely red and so are their clothes. Its hot out there and it kind of hurts your back but man is it worth it!

Over the last few weeks I sort of got out of my running and exercising (mostly because of the shock of hubby's brother, i think), but I picked it back up this week! I didn't want to fall back into my laziness, so the past few days I got out of bed early and went running!(I think most people would call it jogging, I don't go that fast;) I think I've got myself down to a 11ish minute mile. Back in the day of my cross country days I think I could do a 7min mile. But that was in my bkb (before kids body). Either way I'm glad I'm doing it again!


I think C and G look a lot a like.

Not exactly or anything, but quite similar!
I think G is older than C in this pic, but its the closest I could get. I can't believe how big C is getting, she is going to be crawling before I know it and then I'm really going to be in trouble! Ahhh.

If she is anything like L, she was walking with assistance at 10months. And she hasn't stopped! L is always getting into something, she is my climber. I think she thinks she is equal with G, she copies him to the t.

More FO's to come... something to do with tiny feet!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks---Love the color!! Your bread looks so good--makes me hungry. I LOVE homemade bread! The strawberries look perfect to eat just like they are. (Strawberry jam would taste very good on that homemade bread!) I think G and C look very much alike--great pictures! I'm glad you're running again - must make you feel good! Paulette

sue said...

I love your wonderful socks. G and C do look very similar dont they, and both so cute too.