Sunday, June 24

Birthday goodness

So I have to give props to my hubby for taking my birthday off without me having to ask him too! Very sweet. I had a good birthday! I go up and Hubby and the kids made me breakfast. Then we all got ready and left to go strawberry picking. We went to Walvoords berry farm. It was a lot of fun. A good family tradition! The kids loved picking (and eating) the berries. L had it all over her and it was super cute. They had a good time. The farm provides wagon rides out to the field, you've go to love that!

After the picking we came home and dropped the kids off at grandma's and hubby and I went out to eat at my all time favorite restaurant. It
just so happens to be the one we work at. What can I say its the best in town! An authentic Italian pizzeria. Mmmm I'm drooling just thinking about it! I never get sick of the food its soooo good!

After eating a feast we went and got the kids and took them on a nature walk. Lots of
beautiful flowers around, it was fun, but the kids got tired and didn't want to walk... so we carried them;o) Later we stopped by my parents house for a little visit. All in all it was a good day!

The night before however was knitting. My friends(Heather and Amy) had gotten me a b-day cake, and also took me out to eat before hand! They are so sweet. Thanks guys!

I gave my samples(purple hat and booties) to Brigitte (shop owner), and she liked them. I took home a few more colors to
make some more hats and booties. Aren't they fun summery colours?

From the purple set I had a good amount of yarn left over and wanted to make something with it to go with the set. So I racked my brain and came up with a simple little baby rattle! I made it up myself and wrote the pattern down so someday I can have a book. ( I also have a baby hat pattern and a felted purse pattern) I had to work at the shop on Sat, so I showed Brigitte the fun little toy, she liked it too! I couldn't wait to make more, so away I went. I tweaked the pattern a bit and I think I like the blue one more. What do you all think? Little C likes both. I put a little kitty toy in the middle so it rattles, and they are soft and squishy!

I absolutely love making knitted toys, its so much fun! I think I could write a book on that. I want to design little hanging car seat toys, you know so the baby has something to play with... What kind of toys would you like to see in a knitting book?!

Here is some baby goodness, what is a post without it?!

Next post: garden update, Its growing like crazy!


Allena said...

i'm glad you had a wonderful b-day. those colors are wonderful! i love bright colors for babies! the rattle is awesome! i think the bigger one is good! care to share. i have a freind havign a baby today.. LOL i actually have to get going on what i'm giving her..
are you making strawberry jam?

M said...

Happy (belated now) Birthday! Looks like a wonderful birthday! I'm all about strawberries on my birthday too. ;-)

Those knitted toys are too cute. And Chloe seems to be getting cuter!