Monday, June 11

I'm back!

So I guess I owe you all a camping update... We had a pretty good time considering that it was cold and wet most of the time. And then L got pink eye just a few days into it, and then C a few days after that. I'm just thankful that we were close to home so we could take her to the doctor. Friends of ours let us use their pop up camper. It was nice to be off the ground and in a non wet area while sleeping.

This is C and I the first day there. The sling sure came in handy on this camping trip. I just need to make a more light weight one for these hot summer months coming up. Here is a site for making cool baby things.... check it out!

The kids had a blast, being outside for a whole week was beyond them. They were a bit crazy and had to be corrected every now and then but if they didn't they wouldn't be kids right?!

(Click pictures for bigger)
It was quite the nature week we saw all types of birds and butterflies. The cutest little chipmunks and red squirrels or maybe they were fox squirrels, either way they were cute too! We even saw a turtle on one of our walks!

The kids loved all the animals! You would think they are deprived because they don't have any pets.... That's a topic for another day.

Then there was those rascally raccoons. Those things were all over the place, before it was even dark. unfortunately I only got a picture of one when it was dark out... I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it or not. One even got into our cooler when we were facing the other way! We were not even ten feet away from him. From then on we made sure to put the coolers in the van right after we were done with dinner, not right before we went to bed....

This is the kiddos in their rain gear. G has his dino rain coat while L only had a poncho form way back when we visited Allena and went to the zoo. Hmmm, why does it always rain when we go somewhere?!

We did have a few nice days too, they weren't all rainy. We even had a day that was warm enough to take a walk down to a vending machine and get some ice cream sandwiches! Yummy!

There was a nice boardwalk over the marsh. We didn't see many animals there though. G Liked all the pictures of the animals throughout the boardwalk... even if he didn't get to see them in real life.

I think one of my favorite parts of the days was breakfast time. We roasted breakfast sausages over the open fire (thanks to L not wanting to wait for the fire to cook down low enough for the grill to be put on:) Then we made pancakes on a griddle and had scrambled eggs too. Oh don't forget the coffee made over the fire too!

Camping was a bunch of fun! Looking back I'm kinda glad it was chilly out because it made sitting next to the fire that much more enjoyable! The kids even wanted to settle down once in a while and snuggle on our laps and just stare at the fire. How awesome it was to spend some time away from modern convenience's and just enjoy this wonderful world God made for us! I think next time we will be better prepared and have even more fun.

C always has her fist/thumb/fingers in her mouth. Like all the time. I think we might have a problem.... She will even rip out her nuk to put her hand in somehow. arhg. But it is oh-so-cute if i can say so myself:) I took her hand out for this picture and this is the look I got from her... Hey why'd you do that?! Two seconds later it was back in.

On the knitting front I made my nice Lilly a shrug and gave it to her, and forgot to bring the camera to take a pic of her in it... oh well. It was the same as L's pink one only a little bit bigger. While camping I didn't knit much,too busy! But I did work a bit on some socks that I had started a good while back. I only have to finish the cuff on the second one and then I'll actually have a finished pair(I'm doing them toe up)! I have a few other socks that are very lonely, the second one just doesn't' want to be knit.... Its that silly second sock syndrome. One of these days they'll have their second sock to the pair and finally be happy that they can fulfill their destiny of being worn and loved till the end of their days! Hopefully by the next post I'll have a beautiful new pair of socks to show you all. Until then, have a wonderful week!


sue said...

Jessica your trip sounds wonderful, and all those animals too. I remember when I was 5 yrs old I had a pet turtle. My kids love camping too, and going fishing and swimming. We havent been for about 2 yrs but do hope to go in the next 2. It looks as though they all had lots of fun, and I think all the fresh air makes them sleep better too. The boardwalk looks like a good walk too, and pity you didnt see the animals.

Allena said...

oh i want to go camping! the kiddos are sooo cute! c is just darling. i promise i'm working on her gift!!!

Anonymous said...

You definitely should have rented the teepee Jess. :) Ah, memories. Heehee.

Jon said...

Jessica, Nikki and I admire you. I'm not sure who ever said, "Ya, let's take all of our stuff out in the woods and expose all of it and ourselves to the rain, mosquitoes and dirt that we were trying to avoid when we moved into an apartment. To us, it is evidence that evolution cannot possibly be true, because we are REGRESSING. Seriously, though, it sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the update!

M said...

Looks like a fun trip! Too bad about the red eye. I'm so impressed you went with 3 little kids! Is there a trophy for that?