Tuesday, June 26

Garden Update

As promised!

It was time today to pick G's broccoli! He was excited...I was too. I can't believe how quick thew grew. The cool thing about broccoli is
that you pick the main shoot and it branches out in a bunch of little places, so you keep getting more and more. See they are already starting to come out! (click on pic for bigger)

This was the first pick of the year. I think usually we had cucumbers or maybe even a tomato first... We do have some little green tomatoes coming. I'm guessing in a week or two they will ripen up. I can't wait! It is so much easier to eat healthy when you can go in your back yard and pick fresh veggies. I love it!

I also love my hanging plant in the front of our house and I
thought I'd share a pic of it. Isn't it pretty?! Its a fuchsia. I believe there are two different colors, pink and purple and pink and white. I've had both and I like this coloring the best.

Is was so stinking hot out and don't forget to add muggy to the equation. I pulled out the sprinkler. G ran through it a good amount but L was a bi afraid of it. Or maybe it was a little too cold for her liking. She kept wanting to take off her "shirt" otherwise known as a swimming suit. I tried to explain to her that it was ok to get it wet, that's what it was meant for. Poor girl is so use to baths where she strips down, that is the only way she knows how to get wet.

Speaking of swimming suits, I had to go buy one for her yesterday. Usually we have things handed down from her cousins... but the only ones we got were two pieces and I just don't think a little girl needs so dress like that. While in the store I was a bit upset that the more modest ones were the most expensive. Its like they are trying to make you buy the little skimpy two piece, less fabric, less money. Anyways I really like the one I picked, its super
cute. In fact if they made it in my size I'd wear it, not that it would look as cute on me as it dose on her.

Yesterday we took a field trip out to the LYS. The kids wanted to go see the llamas. And I got to pick out some belated birthday roving! Its merino, and I love it! I can't wait to start spinning it! Its so yummy and soft! I also got some carpet warp just in case my drive band breaks, and for tying up skeins of my hand spun. I'm thinking I want to make socks out of it... but I'm not sure. Maybe something for my winter wardrobe, but that seems so far away. Any suggestions?!


M said...

That broccoli looks yummy! This year I've only got strawberries growing.

Gabe & Leah look adorable in their swimsuits. Boys certainly are easier to shop for, huh? It does seem harder to find modest swimsuits even at my age.

Allena said...

the veggies look great! next year you have to come visit and help me get my garden started.
i have many suggestions for the roaving.. how about spin some yarn for your older sister who also knits??

Lainey said...

Wait until you're trying to find a modest swimsuit for an 8 year old girl - next to impossible! I loved it when tankinis were in fashion.

The suits are adorable :)

sue said...

I have to agree with the tankinis. Isabelle has a few pairs for summer to wear, much better than bikinis on little girls. I also buy the rashie tops so she is protected totally from the sun and I dont have to worry about the tops slipping up too far either. I love G's veggie garden, and I remember when you first poste about your veggies, tomatoes I think. I need to improve our vegetable garden since we only have a few lonesome tomatoes which have been frosted over and look terrible. Good luck with spinning that beautiful roving too, so pretty.