Tuesday, May 8

Work & stuff.

I thought I'd share my work with you today. Its kind of crafty... For those of you who don't know, I bake Italian bread. I really do enjoy it, and the hours aren't too bad yet. I think because it is only 2 days a week, and in the beginning of the week. Also C is sleeping through the night (most nights) so I'm not exhausted from her being up all night.

In a day I can bake anywhere from 50 to 120 Italian loafs. It all depends on
what day of the week it is and also what time of year. Today was about 60. Here are some right before going in the oven. I fit 16 on each deck. So that was the before and here is the after. Yummy! I love bread right out of the oven with a touch of butter on it!

These are some of the other non-Italian bread I bake. Closest is the rye,then wheat and white is in the back. These are super easy to make, just roll three little pin pong sized balls and put them into a greased muffin tin. And presto out comes perfect break apart rolls. I also make loaf breads out of all these doughs.

There is also a millet bread that i make into baguettes. But I forgot to snap a picture before i left. oops!

Remember these?

We painted some of these salt dough cut-outs a while ago and painted the rest today. I still can not reveal what they will become... but soon I will. Just have patients! In time you will know! Look at my little artist! He loves to paint! Loves loves loves it!

*I finished knitting the wallaby, but still need to weave in all the ends and kitchener up the underarms. I'm sure I finish it once I get off of this computer. In the morning 'll have G model it and post pictures of it tomorrow.

Here is my little man. He is such a good big brother! He loves all babies and will play peek-a-boo with them at a drop of the hat... in church, at the zoo, at a restaurant... But he especially loves his little sisters!

kNiT hApPy!


Allena said...

love the bread pix..
you'll have to hook me up with the rye recipe b/c i've been looking for a great recipe for that. i promise i won't share it with anyone!
love the pix of G and C! and the painting! love it

sue said...

The bread looks delicious. Love the photo of Gabe with Chloe, such a wonderful big brother to be so loving and caring with his sisters.

Heather said...

you are so creative! Your kids are really cute too!

Karen said...

Mmmmmm, fresh baked bread!!! Nothing better. I used to make it all the time . . . until my KitchenAid stand mixer broke. But seeing your lovely loaves make me want to stop being a baby and just kneed some dough be hand. :)

kindredheart said...

Love, love, love that bread! Jon has run over to pick up a loaf more than a few times in the last several years. :) Sometimes we even had it as a snack after the boys were in bed! I always like to think of the fact that it was likely made by your hands. :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Amy Lu said...

I L-O-V-E your bread! It is one of the yummiest things on the planet!

Hey, did you know I tagged you for a meme? Check it out at my blog!

Melissa said...

Thanks for telling us about your job. That bread looks so amazing. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and aren't too tired.