Friday, May 18


Last night was knitting at the shop. As much as I love to go I sometimes hate to knit there. I know you thinking why would you not like to knit at a knitting night?! well this is why.

I started another one of these capelet/shrug thingies for L because the first one went so fast. I took it to knitting and then returned home again. When I picked it up I saw a huge ugly
mistake. I instantly tried to undo it... but couldn't. Somehow I managed to move the raglan decreasing over one stitch, on one side. I should of taken a pic before i did anything, but sadly i didn't. So I picked up stitches and frogged back to where it was all good.

I didn't think I'd have to think that much about this pattern but i guess looking at it once in a while would have helped.

What I think happened is the stitch marker got moved over one stitch... argh.

Here C is trying to lift her head...

And L's new summer do. It keeps the hair off of her neck and out of her face, this hairstyle is brought to you by Amy:) (*note to Amy, I did three, two on top and one in the back. This way the hair doesn't' fall out) Thanks!


Allena said...

bummer about the mistake.
the beady loves to have her hair up nowdays. it's pretty cool she looks so differnt with her hairup..
oh C is getting so big!

sue said...

C is getting so strong, lifting her head up already. I think they grow up so quickly after the first one is born dont they. I cant believe how quickly you knit the little capelet too.

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about the knitting catastrophe! Hate when things like that happen.

Awww, those pics of the little ones are so cute! And I love the summer hair do...should do that with my own hair ;o)...that'll get some comments/looks I would think, LOL!