Thursday, May 31

I "heart" spinning!

I thought I'd post quick before going to bed. I'm not sure if I'd have time to tomorrow so I guess staying up a bit late won't hurt ;o) right?!

Tonight was knitting night. I had fun! I brought some rhubarb kuchen, it was gone pretty quick, I think I'll post the recipe here soon. Maybe tomorrow or the next day...Since people have asked for it, of course. Its super easy and yummy! Its a must try if you like your rhubarb.

I finally broke out my spinning wheel today and spun. Oh how I love to spin! I need some more roving.... maybe something with color... can you say birthday wish list? Hmmm.....

Anyways it was a beautiful day out and when C went down for her late morning nap I took my wheel and other two kids out to play. It was great, they played while I did some spinning. I was only out for a little over an hour but earlier tonight I noticed that I got a bit of sun burn. oops, I need to remember that sun screen! I'm so white and I burn so easily. And no it wont turn into a tan, I'll peel and then return to a nice pasty white, with a few more freckles.

Ok so back to the spinning. I had a bit of roving back from the stuff that I was spinning before I had C.... anyways I figured that I should finish it. Silly me forgot to take a pic of it all plyed and done in hanks/skeins. Here it is all spun.

I love the weather, Its so nice to be outside with the kids! They always have a blast. I said I'd never have a sand box.... but lookie what we have here. They j
ust love it. But its so messy. I can't deprive them of a sand box can I?! That stuff gets all over. Oh well It keeps them busy for at least a good half an hour:) Hence, I finished my spinning.

Sorry for the crazy little sporadic post, its getting late, I need sleep!


Amy Lu said...

What fun!

Say, where did you get your sand for the sand box? Our box is about empty....

sue said...

The Rhubarb Kuschen looks great, but my dad is the only one who eats it. I might pass your recipe onto him. I too burn and go back to pasty white, but since I had skin cancer 13 yrs ago now, I try not to go out in the sun that much at all. The kids sandbox looks like fun, and my kids always loved having one, although I used to use a little brush to clean their legs and feet from the sand. It worked really well too.

Allena said...

the rhubarb looks yummy but i'm not sure the the DH likes that.. hmm. also where would i get the rhubarb.. i'll go on a hunt!
go you for spinning! it looks wonderful!

Grace said...

I keep hearing and reading about rhubarb...I've never had it! It's not really a part of the Korean diet. :P I'd love to try some...Maybe I'll try your recipe for our next craft night!

how dod you begin spinning? I'm interested, but don't know if I can make the commitment right now. Do you ever dye your own yarn?