Saturday, May 5

Just a little linkage!

My brother participated in Rockets for schools this was his third year. It was going on yesterday and today, we brought the kids there to check it out. Last year his team won, I'm not sure how they did this year, we had to leave early, nap time and all. They had a little table where the kids could make their own rockets and then launch them. The launching device was made out of PVC pipes and a empty 2 liter soda bottle. It was really cool. G &L loved it, but it was a bit chilly. The picture on the right is of G in mid-jump. It actually made the rockets go pretty far(30-40 yards maybe).

After reading some of my bloglines I came across a contest. Well actually there will be one if Trek's blog gets 145 comments. So go on over and leave her a comment (on the contest blog) on fun things to do with her daughter over the summer. I think she is pretty close like 126 comments or so. Not too shabby. I think my highest comments on a post was 7. Maybe I shouldn't write that, it makes me look loser-ish. Oh well I really don't care:) I have my regulars and that's all that matters! You guys Rock!

Ok, also I want to win an I-pod.
So I have to put this button :
and a link to 5 minutes for moms here on my blog. I'd love to win something, that would be awesome!

I took this picture this morning. All I need to knit now is the hood. I'm almost done! He kept playing with the needle that was still in it. He is excited for it to be done. the other day while we were outside playing a little neighbor boy of ours came over to join in the chalk drawing fun. I was sitting on the porch and he asked me what I was doing. I replied "I'm knitting" and G chimed in with " its going to be my sweatshirt". He seemed proud of the fact that mommy was knitting for him. It touched my heart. Its nice to know that it will be greatly appreciated.


sue said...

G looks great in his sweatshirt, and how cute he is of being proud of your knitting too. I hope you win something from one of the contests too, good luck.

Amanda said...

Good luck with the contest (hope you win) He looks adorable in the sweater. Makes you melt when they sound so excited about something you do for them.