Friday, March 4


Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got some glass beads to make stich markers. I've been wanting to get some stuff to make them and i finally just went out and got it! It just so happened that the beads i got were 50% off! I was super excited! I'm so picky about getting the right things, that made me feel better so i just got a bunch of beads and wasn't so concerned about picking out "the perfect ones". Once i make some i'll post a picture!

As for my knitting i'm still working on the blanket... hopefully it should be done in a few days! I'm almost convinced that this baby won't be born untill i finish the blanket. And for that reason I've been knitting away! I'm tired and going to try taking a nap while Gabe is taking his... happy knitting:-)

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Amy Lu said...

So, doyawanna come over tomorrow and put together some stitch markers? We'll be here.

I'm so surprised you haven't taken any castor oil yet! You are 5 days from your due date! I'm so proud of you! And your amazing patience! (grin)