Monday, March 14

I still have the belly

Here is a picture of me a couple of weeks ago...

And I still look like this... only bigger. I'll try to have my DH take a new pix of me tonight... if i remember. I am officially over my due date. I feel good and i'm dooing pretty well. I keep telling myself that no one is pregnant forever... Maybe i'll be the first:) I've been going to the chiropractor at least once a week... if not twice, it has really helped. I'd be complaning all the time, about my back, if it wasn't for him.

I keep telling the baby that we all want to meet him/her and that he/she will be a lot happier "out here". I'm not sure if Gabe really knows whats going on... he kisses my belly and pats it while saying "beee" Its cute either way. Pretty soon he'll figure it out, when this little baby doesn't go anywhere after a few weeks. I keep hoping and praying that he will deal with this change well. And that it wont change his sweet personality. He has been so snuggly lately:

Oh i did finish the baby blanket. The baby has no reasons of staying in my belly:) I had all the ends sewn in on wednesday. I've just been lazy and havent posted any pictures of it. so here you go...

I was pleased with it! If this baby turns out to be a girl i'm planing on putting pink flowers on it, somehow... Any sugestions?

I feel good that i've blogged and posted some pictures. Oh i forgot to say that i finished the purse/bag for my mothers co-worker. It is drying now so i'll post some pix of it when its completly dry and ready to go. untill then... happy knitting!

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Allena said...

jess! hey there! gabe's going to do fine! that blanket is awesome!! nope noone can be pregnant forever not even you!! lol soon enough! LOL i still think she's mad b/c you don't have a name yet! LOL j/k