Friday, March 18

felted bag

Here is the picture of the felted bag i made for my mothers co-worker.

As you can see i made a change purse to match... i had some yarn left over and thought it would be a nice surprise for the lady who is buying it. i had both of them done a while ago but i needed to buy some velcro and sew it on the change purse. I finally did that tonight. I'm glad that's out of the way. I started making the elephant yesterday... its going well. I need to start a few more projects so i have a variety to choose from. But i have problems with that. Once i start one thing i have this strange need to finish it before i do anything else, its very odd. I'm sure once the baby comes... if it ever does:) ... i wont be thinking of knitting for awhile... but we'll see. Maybe that will be the thing that keeps me sane.

On the baby front... i've tried just about everything that you could think of to help this baby get out of me but no luck. I've been taking evening primrose oil for about a week, i've gone on a few long walks, i've taken a warm bath almost every night this week, and i did the castor oil thing and i don't think i want to try it again. so i guess this baby is just being stubborn. i had a stress test done on thursday and they said the baby was doing fine. So now i have a doctors appointment on monday and i'm guessing that if nothing happens by then i'll be induced on tuesday. I'm just praying that if i do have to be induced that everything will go well. I'll keep you posted, its off to bed for me... happy knitting!


Allena said...

that looks really nice!
the baby will come! don't worry about inducing. Kelly was induced and her whole labor was the shortest of her 3 and not so painful!
praying that it happens quickly!
love ya!

Christy said...

Ours finally came naturally (10 days late!!!). But, we were so stressed out the whole time. It can't stay in there forever! Good luck. You can see a pic of our little bundle of joy on my blog.

Christy said...

I saw a pic of your baby on star knits. How cute is she! Congratulations.

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