Tuesday, March 8

Almost done!!!

I only have two more rows to go on my blanket. Which i will do right after i stop bloggin. I made some stich markers and they turned out pretty well! I haven't taken any pictures yet... i will once the blanket is finished:)

So i'm still pregnant... i would have hoped that it would have happened already. My son was 16 days early... Maybe this one is a girl... its so exciting. I can't wait to find out! Also i hope that i go into labor naturally, my doctor said that he will only let me go one week past the due date... Which is March 12th. I cant believe the time has gone by so fast. I can't wait untill i have a brand new little baby in my arms. It still hasn't kicked in yet. I know, i know... just wait untill the sleepless nights and the large and painful breasts. But there is hope, there is an end to everything. well enough babaling, I have knitting to do.


Allena said...

jess! almost! soon any day now! i can't wait for the phone call! how exciting!!!
post a pix of the blanket and your pregnant self! you look soo cute!!!
gotta jet TTYL

Christy said...

I'm not pg but my baby should be born tomorrow (we're adopting). Good luck with yours! It's hard enough waiting without being pg. I can't imagine having to wait 9 months AND have a little person sitting on your bladder. Wow.