Wednesday, March 16

new book!

So I tried taking castor oil last night after i got home from knitting. I was hopping that i would go into labor today... but no luck. That stuff is super gross to drink, even when you mix it with orange juice. I woke up three times durring the night having to use the bathroom. Not fun. Then this morning i was feeling a bit achy in my back and i thought it might really happen. So i did laundry and picked up around the house and i even baked cookies. I pretty much stayed on my feet and kept moving, in hopes to have something happen. As you can tell, nothing did, therefore i'm here blogging.

Last night i bought a book, some yarn, a row counter and a new pair of circular needles. I was excited about that! Maybe I'm making up for me not being able to be excited about having this baby. I would really like it to happen naturally.... but it seems more and more like I'm going to be induced. We'll see. untill then i have a cool new book and can start some new projects. The first thing i'm going to start is a cute stuffed elephant for gabe... he loves them, and when i saw the pattern for it, I knew i had to make one! well i should be going... happy knitting!

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Allena said...

cool i've heard that book is a good one! i have the same row counter.....
as for having the baby....well you and joe should get it on! or evening primrose oil (they're pills) but in all reality that baby's going to come when it's ready you just need to be patient! i know that's a lot easier said than done though!
that bag is for kelly not me... soon i'll make something for me... oh well have a good day!