Monday, February 28

I'm still here!

Sorry to any of you who were actually reading my blog, but i'm back for good! After my dissapointment with my bag, which i still don't want to talk about, i didn't pick up any needels for almost a week. I know what your thinking... "and you call yourself a knitter"... but i was too upset. I did however sew some ends in, and finished up a few things. Then i decided to make a baby balnket. Its almost 75% done:) I can't seem to get the picture on this blog and i'm to tired to fuss with it. Scratch that... i got it to work!!

here is one more

Thats another thing... our computer froze up on us and we haven't had the internet for a while. Sometimes i really dislike these things called computers, thier so complicated. Yes its just one more excuse of mine for not blogging. You don't have to tell me... I know I've been a bad blogger. My friend Amy kept asking me if i posted any new blogs, and i sadly said no, and gave a list of reasons for neglecting my blog.

These last few weeks have been hard. I'm getting to the point where I'm not comfortable in most positions, and when I get up in the morning I don't really feel like I slept at all. Maybe thats because I toss and turn all night an get up a few times to go to the bathroom. We only have one bathroom and its downstairs, our bedroom is upstairs :) I'm usually completley awake by the time I get back upstairs. I really shouldn't complain, i had a pretty good pregnancy. I'm just anxcious to meet our new baby! I hate not knowing when or where its going to happen. Its so exciting!

Ok so i know this is a knitting blog, so i'll end on knitting. A lady at my mom's job saw my purse and said she liked it. My mom being the proud mother told her that i made it myself and then she asked if i could make her one! How cool is that?! So i bought the yarn and all i have to do is knit it, they go pretty fast. I just want to finish the blanket first so i can use it in the hospitial. Then its time to make my first item to be sold! I'm excited about it. I'll keep you posted... I got to go watch SuperNanny... what a cool show... happy knitting!

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Allena said...

jess seriously give it away!!! did you see my bag that dissappointed me a friend of mine really liked it so i gave it to her!!! now i'm off to make a different one.....well as soon as i finish other things that is....
so any names yet? share share!!! i'm so anxious to hear when you have the baby....well TTYL