Tuesday, May 6

B-day, baking, socks and WAR!

This past Friday was Gabe's birthday, he is now 5... FIVE years old. wow. Six years ago I would have never thought I'd be a mother to a 5 year old, boy how things change(for the better... of course). I wouldn't give it up (good days or bad) for anything! This past year Gabe has grown, into a little boy, not a toddler but a kid. Questioning everything and learning everyday.

On Thursday Gabe and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Gabe "Mom, tomorrow morning I'm going to sleep in real late"
Me "OK..."
Gabe "then you are gonna get up real early and go down stairs real quietly and decorate"
Me "Oh..."
Gabe "Yeah and then when I wake up and come down the stairs you are all gonn
a say Happy Birthday to me!"

So needless to say on Thursday night after knitting I went all out and decorated for him! Then in the morning he snuck down the stairs to peek, then came into our room and said we could sleep in, as he cra
wled into our bed ;O)

Thursday, the day before his birthday I spent all day baking...

1~bread for us to eat(remember I voued ne
ver to buy store bread again?!).

2~ 30 chocolate(zucchini muffins) cupcakes for Gabe'
s class snack(I had to make the snack some what healthy).

3~ 2, 9in round cakes (one for Gabe and one for two good friends of mine, Amy was one of those friends) I took the cake on Thursday night to knitting to celebrate their birthdays! I love baking for friends!

Ok so let me back track a bit... April ended and I did finish my socks. At the last minute, like normal i finished them. I think I need to take out the BO and do a sewn BO (I knit them toe up), so the will be more stretchy.

Start Date: April 3rd
End Date: April 30th
Yarn: Faery Fiber, Superwash merino

Colourway: Pixie

Pattern: Hedera
Needles: US#1's (2 socks on 2 circulars, toe up)
Recipient: ME

One thing about this pattern is that the lace doesn't hug my leg the way I'd like... but that is why I was able to leave them short, otherwise they wouldn't have stayed up and would always be slouchy.

Chloe 5-4-08

It has finally been nice out that last few days... and the kids have been playing like crazy! I love being outside!

This one of Gabe and Leah I just love!

Day 126(May 5th)
I really like that this isn't a posed pict
ure... but just a brother and sister being just that.

Today they had fun catching bugs, mostly rollie pollies, not quite sure what the real name of them are, but that is what we call them. They kind of look like armadillos and roll into balls... pill bugs I think.

So yesterday I got a small (yet important) package in the mail... it was the ever so cool
SOCK WARS (un-official)weapon bag my sister(Allena) made! I LOVE it!!! So cool.

She is in the process of making lots more, some with and without the sock wars (un-official) badge, so go and check out her etsy site (later on this week)!!!! Ok actually she is having a contest, on her blog to win the other bag she made!!! Go and check out her blog!

Need more details on the bag?!
There's pockets inside for your neeldes, scissors or anything else you'd like to carry. The bag also has a drawstring to close with a push button stopper to hold it closed, so you don't loose your socks!

Now I'm all set, I got gauge with some yarn (knit picks sock garden, morning glory) that has been in my stash forever... and my good old US#1 addi turbos, I'm really hoping they help me knit faster;O) I seriously can not wait until Friday! Let the war begin!


Amanda said...

Happy birthday Gabe! He is one handsome little guy.Your socks are pretty, nice color And your weapon bag is awesome. I'm off to check out her contest!

Allena said...

thanks for the links, i will add your name to the contest 3 times for all of that if you want. (i'm throwing in some yarn i think for 2nd)
LMK either way!
glad you like it.
gabe is getting so old, i still remember when you called me in GERMANY to tell me you were preggers with him and getting married! we were living in the hotel still. remember?

Bobbi said...

Love the bag! I ran right over and left a comment on your sister's blog so I could enter. I have to work Friday, but I'll be knitting away as soon as I'm finished...though after last week's all-nighter, don't think I'll pull another one. Good Luck!

Knitting Nix said...

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun (and sometimes not!) Happy birthday to your son. Your baking looks really good btw.

incaknits said...

Been a lurker for awhile and wanted to say Happy Birthday to your 5year-old. My five year old shares Gabe's birthday and I blogged about it as well. With much of the same awe and wonder at having a boy instead of a toddler.

Happy Birthday to the Boys!! Love your blog!


DawnK said...

Happy Birthday, to Gabe! Your socks are really pretty! Glad your kids are enjoying the nice weather we've had!

Emily was confirmed this past Sunday, and we'd hoped that it would be nice enough to cook out, and it was. Brats and burgers are easy to serve to a crowd, along with potato salad and fruit salad.

Catherine Kerth said...

Happy b-day Gabe! love the hedra socks too...that coorway makes'em!