Thursday, May 8

More baking!

Day 129 (May 8th)

Today my mom called me up and made a request for me to make some cookies.(for my younger brother and some friends of his that were getting together to finish up some work on a project) They are competing in Rockets for Schools ( and the
past two years they have took first place!

Anyways she wanted to bring them some cookies(for
all their hard work) and knows that I love to bake... so we baked today! Tonight was also knitting so I made a bunch to take there too~!

OK so to get to the point.... Leah is my little baker, she just loves helping me make anything and e
verything! I love to bake too, can you tell?! We made the oatmeal chip cookies that are linked on my sidebar. Love these cookies, they are soooo good!

Tomorrow is the beginning of Sock Wars... I'm super pumped! I think I'll
be getting an e-mail (the dossier) with all the info on my target and the never before seen pattern around 6am... I'm going to knit my little heart out! This is going to be super challenging, I'm really excited to see if I can reach my goal. I'd like to get this pair of socks knit by early on Saturday so that I can send it in the mail before the weekend is over... I plan on pulling an all nighter, or at least as late as I can go.... maybe I'll post a progress picture, if I think I can spare the precious time;O) I might just ask Joe to take a picture, upload it and post it for me... we will see.

I am hoping to at least get one target down before i die... I'd like to g
et farther, but I don't want to be unrealistic about the whole thing. I do have 3 kids and I'm hoping that we can just watch movies and play outside in the fenced in back yard, and let the run a muck. I'll also let them graze on food, and feed them ready to eat foods, like chicken nuggets, or hot dogs, spaghettios, dry cereal and crackers and things like that. A few days on a diet like that wont hurt, will it?! I mean, this is war. *grin*

I did make sure to catch up on laundry today and I even washed the kitchen floor! In my house it doesn't happen all that often. My theory, I have 3 kids, its just going to get messy again. Don't get me wrong I like to have a clean house but the kitchen floor is a different subject. I'm a messy cook/baker and add 3 kids to the mix, I just can't be obsessive about a floor. Actually about 2 or so hours after I washed it, a bowl of pasta was flipped upside down on to it. It never fails, I clean something and it gets messy. I think its just this phase in lif
e. I need to accept it.

Yesterday Chloe thought it would be fun to sit in the flower bed and pick the flowers. She climbed right over the rocks and plopped herself down right there. I thought it was cute so I snapped away!

OK so enough ramblings, I need to get my sleep! Wish me luck!

Knit or die!


Bobbi said...

So it's 6:30 AM and there still isn't a dossier in my it driving you wild as well!?!

Karen said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I know you are going to do great - it sounds like you are well prepared.

Allena said...

love the photos.

this is funny! the war is all hurry up and wiat... sigh

Suzanne said...

I'm sure you and Allena will do just great. Here's hoping you can stay up late. That would be a problem for me:)

Knitting Nix said...

The sock war sounds like great fun, I have never heard of one before and it sounds great!! I agree with the kitchen floor - mind is always a mess from my three kids and I have all but given up on keeping it clean. Your cookies also look great - good luck for your all nighter.