Monday, May 19

Still Alive...

Yep I'm alive, but it has been a bumpy ride (in Sock WarsIII) so far.

I did receive my socks (of death) but the gauge happened to be off (they were beautiful, but too big to wear) and I was able to send them back to my assassin to be re-knit. She was so wonderful and willing to re-do them so I would be a happy camper! I was just thankful that she wasn't disqualified for it(thanks to the Supreme Commander aka Julie). Actually I just got word form her that she has gotten her socks, aka sock bomb, and she posted her death on the official warrior directory. Yippee, I'll live for a few more days... lets just hope the mail takes its time!

So I sent my socks to Wendy (my target) and she received them and said they fit perfectly! Now I'm anxiously awaiting my SIP's (Socks In Progress). I have conformation that they arrived at the USPS here in town early this morning.... So when the mail comes (usually around 4ish) its back to knitting like a billi-o! So don't mind if you don't here form me for a while!

Me stalking the mail carrier?!... never!... *grin* look close infront of the green house.... she''s got my SIP's!!!!! I can feel it!

Also this weekend (Thursday22nd -Saturday24th) is my LYS's Open House. So if your in the area come and check out our Sheering Days! (watch the llamas get hair cuts, and other demonstrations)

My new weapon:


Me knitting like a billi-o!


Allena said...

go you! kil kill kill!

(i hope you get real far)

Karen said...

Wow, I'm very impressed!!!! You knit knit knit!!! We'll still be here when the war is over. :)

Sonya said...

Goooooo Jessica! Glad you're still alive.

Suzanne said...

Glad your alive, and having so much fun with the sock wars. Sounds way too stressful for me. I am way too slow :)