Friday, May 9

early gift!

Joe decided since I'm going to be knitting like a billy-o today and into the night, he would give me my mothers day girt early!

What a sweetie! and Ott-Lite! What a perfect gift!

I'm still waiting for my e-mail.... with the dossier... The suspense is killing me!


Bobbi said...

What a sweetie!!!
I'm still waiting as well. However, the pattern is up and you could get started. I'm at work, so won't be able to until later. Drat!

Bobbi said...

It's 11:20 dossier just I wait to go home from work.
Good Luck!!!

sue said...

Great present. Those Ott Lites are supposed to be really good. Good luck with your sock war knitting too.

Eileen said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Alison Boon said...

cool gift.