Monday, April 21

Wedding things!

I wasn't able to show you these until now...

Actually I didn'
t have them finished until the night before the wedding.

Nothing like a little procrastination!

I had an old friend (I met her in 7th grade) of mine wedding to go to on Saturday. I made her some Christmas ornaments as part of her gift. I hope that every year at Christmas she thinks of her wedding day with fond memories! ( She and the wedding were beautiful)

I also knit her a little something... I found it on ravelry and couldn't help myself!

Here is the front view

And here is the back view:

Its the Frecklegirl Thong! She and her Maid of Honor(another friend of mine) loved it!

It was super easy, only 2 nights of knitting!

Her wedding colors were pink and green....

like these tulips!

Day 111(April 20th)
We went over on Sunday for a brunch at her parents house, sadly I missed seeing her and the groom(I had to teach Sunday school for the 2s & 3s department at church) but her mom sent me home with these, aren't they beautiful?!


Karen said...

What a great idea for a wedding gift!! I know she will think of both her wedding day and your friendship each year as she trims the tree. As for the thong - whooo, racy!! ;)

DawnK said...

What a cool wedding gift! Those sweaters are so cute! Did you make the hangers, too?

The thongs are pretty!

Allena said...

the gifts are great!
the tulips are beautiful.
did you have fun?

Sonya said...

I love the curly-Q on the sweater hangers! I think that's the prettiest thong I've ever seen. ;o)