Wednesday, April 9

Day 97-100

Day 100 (April 9th)

I think its finally coming...

The kids and I were outside playing for a bit today. It still isn't too
warm, but hey, there is no snow to speak of!

Do you see Gabe's rocket ship?!

Day 99 (April 8th)
Just a shot from work, some sheet pans. My Monday through Wednesday morning routine.

Day 98 (April 7th)

Today was a bit warm so we seized the day and took a walk. We ended up walking along the riverfront, on the boardwalk! Don't those clouds almost look fake?!

Day97 (April 6th)

Some of out flowers are starting to bloom! I love these grape hyacinths. They aren't in full bloom yet but it is so nice to see some color around the flower bed!


Allena said...

love the photos! gabe's rocket is pretty good!

Sonya said...

Spring, glorious spring! Your hyacinth are way ahead of mine. I love how they smell.