Sunday, April 13

some nest totes

Elisa's nest tote... I started this one on friday morning and I couldn't help myself. I just kept knitting... and it was done last night! I love this one, mainly because it is pinkish. I'm going to use it as my purse/bag this spring and summer! Love it! I just clip my keys on by the top (can you see the blue part?!) and throw the rest of my things inside!

I knit this on
e in the round, by using Judy's magic cast on and then knitting it form the bottom up. I think I co 83 sts and placed a marker at the beginning of my round. Seriously, it went super fast that way, and no seaming!!! I also only wanted one handle(with double the strength) so I twisted the second one around the first before I kitchenered it. I really like this bag and I'm happy it turned out!

I used Omega Sinfonia, a mercerized cotton. I like how it has a bit of a sheen to it too! US# 8, for the body and US#5 for the handles.

I also made one (last week) with a flat bottom.I posted more about this one on the KAL. so go check it out if you want... Its not too late to join!!!

How about a picture a day update?!

Day 103(April 12th)
Its been quite a while since I've had a food picture... What we have here is some mostly homemade tomato sauce.

Brown some
venison sausage, add lots of garlic, let that brown, add two cans of plain old diced tomatoes(mostly blended, we like a few chunks in our sauce). Let that simmer until thick and add your choice of pasta, tonight was spaghetti!

Day 102 (April 11th)

I finished my tote for the KAL this morning! I love it! I did a flat bottomed version of the bag, and had about 20 extra sts than the pattern called for, making it quite big! Lots of cereal fit inside and I'm sure I could have put more in.

Day 101 (April 10th)

This morning Leah and Chloe were rocking together, so I quick
grabbed my camera and took a few. This is the best one.

I think I might have to save this one and show it to them when they are teenagers and can't stand each other (just because one wants to wear the same shoes, or clothes...and the other wants nothing to do with her younger sister, then 10 years down the line they will be the best of friends again just like in this picture).


Allena said...

i'm going to have to try and knit one in the round.
love the photo of the girls. TOO funny!

sue said...

Oh your tote looks great in the pink, and I really love the blue one too. I saw that on the KAL site. I really should get my first one started and see how easy/hard it is. Love the pic of the girls too and I can totally relate to the love/hate relationship having had a younger sister. We now get along great. I wonder if that works for brothers with younger sisters too.

Suzanne said...

Argh! Love your bags. I am almost ready to do the handle on mine. Keep putting it off for some reason, but I am inspired to get mine done. How do you knit soooo fast lol.

Amanda said...

Your girls are so adorable! Mine are just starting to interact together so I'm looking forward to taking pictures like yours. Those bags are so cute too! I think some dayy I need one of those. Yet another project to add to the growing list. :)

Sonya said...

The girls look like they are just having a ball together. I really like the bags! I have the yarn and pattern for a French market bag but just haven't gotten it in gear to knit it up.