Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

The past week has been a rough one on our little family. It all started on saturday night around 3am. I woke up to my poor little baby Leah crying becouse she threw up. So we got her out of bed and cleaned her up and changed her sheets and got her back down. After putting the dirty sheets in the washer I sleepily climed into bed. About 30 minutes later we had to do it all over again.

The next day she was quiet and cuddly. (very unlike her normal loud crazy into everything self) She didn't eat much, and was content to snuggle all day long. That night we did the whole sheet changing thing again, but in the morning she seemed much better. Then it was Gabe's turn. He had it much worse. The poor little gut couldn't keep anything down that first 24 hours. Today, thank goodness, he finally had some color in his face. He ate part of an egg and some toast for breakfast. Oh yeah Hubby got it tuesday night and had to call in to work on wednesday(wicth he never does). He's feeling better today too. Luckily I havent gotten hit yet and I'm hoping I don't. I thought for sure I'd have it today of all days.

Ok so I'll get to the fiber content of the post. The llama roving that I'm going to get paid to spin, came in to the shop last week. I took it home on saturday after I worked out at the shop. I must say I'm torn between spinning and knitting on my socks. Spinning won the last couple of days. Arn't you proud, I finally took pictures! This is some yarn that I plyed together. The brown is llama and the red is a merino wool. Actually the red is the very first fiber I spun with my wheel. I think I'm going to make a scarf or a hat for my self out of it.

I had Hubby take a some pictures of me spinning. This is a pretty good one. I had to eliminate some of them for the backrounds. If the kitchen was in the shot, it was a no go. Its a bit dirty, because of tending to the kids and hubby all week. Also some of them had my knitting clutter in the backround. I have just a few projects going on and they are all stacked around my spot on the sofa, up against the wall. Hubby keeps saying that he needs to put up shelfs, but I think I'd just clutter that up too. In our next house I want a whole room devoted to my crafts*grin*

Oh I almost forgot, hubby wants me to mention that he got a deer on sunday( a bigger doe). Sorry to those of you who don't like the whole hunting thing. He was really happy about it, and he was wearing the llama socks I made him!

I finished the hat I was making for a certian someone for christmas. Then I emediatly cast on of a pair of socks for me. I have one of them almost finished.

I hope you all are able to enjoy this holiday with family and friends, eat lots of food and relax, oh and don't forget to do a little knitting too! Happy Thanksgiving!


sue said...

You are so clever at spinning. I have never tried it, but it seems that so many bloggers out there are trying it. Best I dont try it, I might not get any knitting done. I am so glad that your family is feeling better too, nothing worse than your children throwing up all the time, and it always seems to be at nighttime doesnt it.

Allena said...

wow LOVE the pix! i'm sooo proud of you spinning! go jess!
sorry to hear the kiddos and hubby were sick.
GO JOE! tell him congrats i'm so proud of him getting a deer.
YUMMO you guys can make grandpa's sasuage! mom just emailed me the recipe! that's cool.

Kimberly said...

Love your spinning!!
I hope you are all feeling better soon! I also hope you don't get that bug. :)

*Emy said...

I just wanted to let you know how talented I think you are! I just started knitting and I am beyond amazed how good you are. I enjoy reading your blog and your right whats a blog post without pictures. Anyway just wanted to say that. Thanks for the good read and great pics.