Friday, November 3


I love fall! It is so pretty outside, even though the leaves are dead and all over the ground... It is so much fun! I like all of the seasons especially when they change. Today we came over and my dad was raking leaves and the kids wanted to help. They had fun until i said we needed to go in because they had no mittens. I know what kind of mother... I mean knitter am I?! I haven't gotten that far. I did however make them felted slippers. They both love them. My sister wrote the pattern, Its super easy and they knit up fast! Hubby's are the only pair that arn't finished. I'll show a group picture when his are done.

I wasn't planning on taking the kids out trick-or-treating but they did dress up. Gabe was spiderman and Leah was a little princess. Both had a blast. My brother took them to two houses and they came back with half a brown lunch bag full of candy! needless to say they were on a sugar rush for the night. Every time the doorbell rang Gabe ran to the door yelling "trickers are here!" or "treaters are here!" He loved that so many people were visiting! Leah was just running aroung all crazy like.

Last weekend I had a blast at the crafting retreat! It was so nice to just sit around and work on things uninterupted. That is when i knit Gabe and Leah's slippers, I also had the ones I knit for myself along and they were felted. I got such nice comments about them. I did get to bring my wheel, and Brigitte shared some roving just so i could spin up there, what a sweetie! We also ate way too much and had too many sweets around tempting me. Ever since then sweets have been in my system more than the usual amount, and the baby has been doing arobic workouts or something. I think the baby is trying to work off the sugar for me:)

I started a hat for my brother, he has been bugging me for one. So I guess I better spit one out quick... Got to please the fans. My next project is a hat an mittens for Leah, the ones from last year are a bit too small and it sure is getting cold out. Gabe's still fit him, that's always a good thing!

My friend just had a baby last week so I knit her up a hat, and while doing so I wrote it down and I think I'm going to send in the pattern to the patern a day knitting calander...We'll see what happens. So I think that is it... I'll be sure to have knitting pictures for you next time! Hope your all having a good weekend!


Allena said...

wow i love the hat. the costumes are great! lol the girls were crazy here too!

Kimberly said...

What little cuties!!!