Sunday, November 12

Cold days... Toasty Toes

Hubby's toasty toes slipper socks (designed by Allena) were finished last night! He was happy to be able to wear them this morning! I now realize that I should have made his first, seeing that his are the largest... I'm just glad that the whole fam is done!

After finishing his slippers early last night I decided to get started on a felted bag. My last beginnig knitting class saw my old felted bag and wanted to sign up for a class on making it. Since i didn't write the pattern I had to alter it and write down the new pattern. This way I can teach the class a simmilar felted bag, and they wont have to buy the whole book. I am in the process of weaving in the ends, maybe I'll even felt it and post a picture a bit later, if I'm still here. This is it about fifteen minutes ago, pre-felted.

*Here it is! Felting is awesome! I just love it... I am going to line the bag this time... and put some pockets in it, so its easier to find my keys and cell phone.*

Next I think I'll start a hat for someone, its for Christmas so thats all the info I can give out;) I'm really itching to get my needles going on some socks... Socktober is hitting me a bit late this year. How about this month being cover up your Toevember?! Ok I'll stop trying, I know i can knit socks whenever i want, even if i did miss out on all the fun.

Hope you all had great weeks! Keep those needles clicking!


Christy said...

The bag looks really great! I haven't done any felting in a long time but I just put on my felted clogs and I'm starting to feel the need to start up again.

Allena said...

wow love those toasty toes. by chance can you email me a pix and that equation you made up? thanks for testing that pattern for me.

Kimberly said...

I love your little foot farm! Thanks for the comment on my blog-I sent you a mail and it came back to me. Knitters rock!!

Melissa said...

Hey Jessica,
I'm so glad you are posting again. I used to love reading your blog and was bummed when you stopped writing. We miss all you guys in ABF...can't say we miss the weather, though! Congratulations on the pregnancy!
Take care,
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