Tuesday, October 4

I'm still here!

About three weeks ago my computer went out on me. I came home and went to check ye old e-mail, and it was off. The monitor power was on but the tower its self was off. ARGH! I tried plugging it into a different outlet, un-plugging and re-plugging things back in, but no luck. I still haven't gotten around to having someone come and check it out... I'm worried about the cost of it all.

Anyways I'm blogging from my parents computer and I have missed the blogging land a great deal:) I'm almost done with my second sock, and I finished Hubby's sleeve thing, but other than that I haven't been knitting much. Little bits here and there.

The reason for the non knitting... Leah is now crawling and getting into things. I find myself running around picking up things, like crayons and Mr. Potato head ears and arms, before she can potentially choke on them. I didn't realize how many things Gabe has that could be dangerous... Hopefully she will learn that not everything had to go into the mouth to know what it is:) The other morning I went to get her up and found her standing in her crib! AHHH! I really have two kids now, before it was like 1 and 1/2, now that she is mobile its a definite 2.

Ok I know that there isn't much to read about,but I promise I'll write Sooner than two weeks. Hopefully My computer will be better soon...

Happy Knitting everyone!


Kimberly said...

Oh Alida was the same way, putting everything in her mouth. It drove me nuts!! It will go away, sooner or later. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer, I had a crash this year, too. I hope you can get it fixed soon.

Allena said...

that sucks about your puter! maybe you should start saving for a new one! it may be cheaper than fixing the old one all the time, just a thought! if you only use it for the internet etc maybe look into a laptop! it's cheaper!

anyways i can't wait to see your sock and you and the kids all in person! only 14 days or so now!!!

Christy said...

I hear you about the crawling! I've got to keep eagle eyes on both of my kids at all times! Unfortunately, Big Apple started crawling at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 months (NNNNOOOOOOO!!!) so I didn't get much of a chance to experience 1 1/2 kids. I think she'll be walking in a month or two. Oh no. The Frog didn't even crawl until he was almost 11 months old (which was annoying to me because for the first kid you want them to do everything fast!).

Sorry about the computer. I hope you get things fixed soon. I miss hearing about your adventures w/ the kids and knitting.

Momma22wildfires said...

Just wait until she starts walking!

Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope your online again soon.

Journey Queen said...

Miss you on the blog! and the pix of my neice and nephew! Keep using mom and dad's computer! hahahaha