Thursday, September 15

Lots of stuff

I've been going on spurts. What can i say, things get so crazy and i push my bloggin to the back burner. Its almost been 2 weeks since my last post... argh. And then when i am blogging on a regular basis i complain that i have no readers, ok, well i do have a few faithful readers. And you do mean a lot to me;)

I'm just always wanting more... Now on to all that has happened in the past few weeks...Let me see ... I'm going to try and go in order... But it will be backwards order. You know, a 10 to 1 type of thing. So here it goes.

10: I received my very first e-mail from my SP6 today! How exciting. Hi Secret Pal! I love these things! I'm going to be working on the SP6 questionare, if all goes well i'll have it posted by the weekend:) But please don't hold me to it.

9: My sister Allena, just received word that she will be coming home(to the states) on the 16th of October! Too Cool! I can't wait! Then they are coming to visit for 10 days! We haven't seen each other in over a year, i hope this month passes by quickly!

8: Tonight is knitting night! That's always a good thing;)

I FINALLY went to the chiropractor, and have another appointment for tomorrow. I had put if off for five months and I'm paying for it.

Over this past weekend I went to a Ladies Retreat (at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp) with the girls from my church:

It was a lot of fun. The president of ladies retreat has an on-going fun prank thing with rubber chickens. I don't really feel like explaining it right now, but its fun. So The girls and i decided to knit a rubber chicken. We had a pattern but it was in French. None of us can speak French let alone read it. So i took it upon myself to just knit it. We all contributed to the chicken, and finished it before the weekend was over.

(Click on Pictures)
My only regret was that i didn't knit on any of my other projects. But it was worth it to see Lucy's reaction! We called it a Prayer Chicken:)
My favorite part of the chicken were its feet. I used an i-cord of 9 sts, then broke it into 3 i-cords of 3 sts. Very cute if i do say so myself. I think it turned out well for just going by a picture. Amy sewed it all together, since that is my least favorite part of everything. Thanks Amy!

5: I have been doing my not-so-little brothers paper route. When he put his two weeks notice in they told him that he needed a months notice... Whatever?! Anyways, because of soccer practice and school he is unable to do it. So being the nice sister that i am, i told him I'd help out! Its good exercise! Thanks Trevor!

4: We went to the fair on labor day. It was ummm, fun?! Fairs are just a reason to
eat greasy food and spend way too much money on it. We mainly go because Gabe loves animals...

He had a lot of fun and can't wait until next year!

3: I was convinced to frog my progress on hubbys sleeve thing...I was using too small of needles, making me knit more for less inchage... i have now re-started it. He would like it finished by saturday... we will see.

2: I started a surprise item.

1: I'm almost done with the wallet I'm making/designing.

that's it for now, I'm sure I'll think of more later.... Happy knitting everyone!


Christy said...

I'm glad you're doing well. Just know that I love it when you have new posts! I check every day (sometimes more...I'm a blog junkie) to see if you have a new post. So, even if I don't comment every time, I'm reading!

Allena said...

lol i'm super excited! that sounds like a good way to get exercise and paid while doing it! a month is crazy though!
looks like fun on your retreat!

Kimberly said...

I know how you feel about not many comments. My visitor number goes up and not too many comments appear. I try to comment on great blogs as much as I can and your blog gets opened every time I open my must reads.
That fair looked like a lot of fun. We do so many things for our kids that we would normally never do. It's kind of fun.
Cool chicken!

Stricken madchen said...

Love the chicken! I bet it will remain a good memory for everyone. ;-) Your kids are, as always, incredibly adorable.

Paulette S. said...

Hi Jessica, The chicken looks great--you did a super job on it!
I'm glad I got to see the close-up pictures. I know it meant alot to Lucy. She carries alot of burdens herself, yet she's always reaching out to others. She can use encouragement, also---and a good laugh!! :) Paulette S.