Thursday, September 1


I made up a swatch yesterday so I can make a wallet that is the correct size.(that would be a good thing;) Have I ever said how I hate making swatches?! Its almost as bad as sewing in the ends. And with this one I can't even frog and re-use the yarn, because its felted. But wait... I can use it for something, a rattle! I bought some cheap cat toys, the plastic ones with the balls inside. Then I put one of them inside with some stuffing and stitched it together. Now let me just say I didn't try to make it pretty. I just didn't want the swatch to go to waste.

Leah isn't too interested in it though. (She looks like she likes it in the picture but really she just likes the camera, what a ham!)I think its not bright enough for her. Oh well, I tried:)

I felted the bag yesterday too! I'm pretty happy with it. Now I just need to get going on the wallet. I hope it turns out well.

Today I'm on a cleaning frenzy. I've just been so sick of all the clutter. Hopefully we'll be able to maintain the cleanliness for a little while.

I'm soo close to finishing my first sock! all I have to do yet is the kitchener stitch, then its all finished... Wait a second, I'll need to knit one more to have a pair... Like my husband says, there is always something else to knit. While that is a negative thing for him it is definitely a positive thing for me! *grin*

happy knitting everyone!


Allena said...

lol just make him a pair of socks i'm making some for my DH and though he's not worn them yet as they're not finished he's excited i'm lavishing my attention on him! LOL plus they're steeler's colors!

try toe up with short row toes and heels i like it better and it goes faster! just my oppinion!

Kimberly said...

What cute kids! I can't wait to see your bag felted. I have yarn for my first felted project and I thought as soon as it gets cooler I'm going to try some felting myself. I'd also love to see your first sock. I just started my first sock after no sock knitting for 3 years. It's to take with me to the playground so I feel I'm getting some knitting in while the kids are playing, gotta love that!