Tuesday, August 30

Busy Busy

I Finished the bag a few days ago. I haven't felted it yet. Ii still need to make a checkbook style wallet to match. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that:)

The needles weren't that bad. I think I over reacted a bit. At the time it really made me mad. I just kinda filed it down using my nail and it seemed to work ok. The needle was a crystal palace us # 15. I think the bigger they are the more susceptible they are to splintering. I do want to switch to addi turbos, the transition from cord to needle is just beautiful!

I haven't been posting that often... I guess I've just been busy. With what, I don't know. Leah is probably one of the reasons. She is trying to get into everything. What a busy body she is. She can't crawl or anything but I think she wants to. I can tell she is going to be right on Gabe's heels when she gets movin. I started her on solids a few weeks ago. She has now been eating bananas in the morning and I just started her on some carrots! I make all her baby food in large quantities, buzz it up in the food processor and freeze it in ice cube trays. That way I have it for later use and I don't feel guilty giving her that stuff from a jar. Have you ever tasted that stuff?! Its no wonder why kids don't like veggies, look what they were started on. My theory is that if you give them the good stuff early on they will love it. Gabe loves his veggies! Leah does too:

At first she didn't know what to think of them but now she loves them! I'm kinda bummin because she hasn't been nursing much at all lately. She loves her solids! I think the anti-nursing will pass in a day or two.

In the garden:
Well it has been very fruitful, or should I say veggieful. *grin* hehe sorry about that. I think my husbands humor is rubbing of on me;) Anyways... I'm making our third batch of tomato sauce, right now, I keep getting up to stir it. Last night hubby brought home some fresh mozzarella from work and we had caprese. The tomatoes are tasting so good this year! Add mozz, basil, oil, and balsamic vinegar to it and your taste-buds are in heaven:) I could eat that every day for a month! We also made some cabbage from our garden. First we cooked some cut up bacon and onions, then added the cabbage and once that was cooked down we added red wine vinegar. They make that at the restaurant we work at, its so yummy! I love it.

This month has been full of birthdays. Hubbys was on the 15th, my not-so-little brother's (he is going to be a freshman in high school this year) was on the 23rd and my dad's was on the 27th. It was pretty crazy for a few weeks.

Knitting news:
I sent out my secret pals last gift. And I told her who I am. So once I find out that she received her gifts I'll let you all know who she is! I'm so excited! I've had so much fun with the SPevent. I see that SP6 is starting up and I need to go and sigh up! I love it!

At my LYS the needles i needed were back ordered... Hopefully they will be there tonight! This will be our last knitting night on Tuesday, we will be switching to Thursdays. That will be nice for me so i won't have to leave early. I work on Wednesday mornings and i don't like to say out too late. Even though i usually cant leave when i really want to, the knitting and fellowship just pulls me in and i cant leave:)

My sock is almost done! All I have to do is the toe. I'll show you a picture when its finished.

I think thats it... Happy knitting to all!


Christy said...

That bag is cute. Did you use a pattern or just make it up as you went along?

All that food you make sounds so great. The restaurant where you work must be great if you want to make the same kind of food at home!

jessica said...

i used the pattern from stich'n b****, Meema's felted Marsupial Tote. but I made the handles so you can put it over your shoulder. There is a link to a picture of one like it on my sidebar(under FO's).

Journey Queen said...

Laura squealed when I showed her the bag! :) She is so excited!

Allena said...

nice bag i totally agree with you about the veggies the bootie was the same way solids like crazy she still nurses though.. i'm not sure when we're going to ween. i figure with the move she may want that extra comfort... but i hope around 1 year. she just loves frozen baby carrots that i heat in water in the microwave and theyre soft, she doesn't like beans too much green beans though she likes. and broccoli.. lol she's like the bubba!
i finally got that Snb book i love it!!!
i wanna make that back pack for my projects... it's sooo cute esp with the monkey on it!