Tuesday, August 23

Back in the swing of things

Yes today we are back to normal. Thank goodness. On Sunday morning we woke up to find our little Gabe burning up. We didn't even have the thermometer in for more than a minute and it was 102.7, and still going. Poor little guy. We gave him Gatorade and about a half an hour later we had red carpets. Not fun. Luckily the day before we had bought Bissell's little green machine from wally world. (thanks God, you must have known we were going to need it!) That thing works really well. Today he is completely back to his normal self. I hate it when you can't do anything for your kids, and I'm so thankful he is better.

Tonight is knitting night, and i can't wait! i need to buy a few things from my lys. 1: addi turbo's US#6 24 in. So i can continue on my baby hat designing=) (the right size needles would be a good thing) 2: some goodies for my SP! (sorry i can't tell you what I'm giving, don't want to ruin the surprise) 3: some yarn for a gift i need to make(also a surprise).

Question: When do we reveal who we are to our Secret Pals? This is my first SP event and I'm not sure how it works.

Oh yeah, yesterday consisted of me making zucchini bread and doing laundry. i didn't seem like a lot but it used up most of the day. Throw a kid or two in the mix and i was one busy lady! We had a lot of zucchini from the garden and i grated most of it up. I ended up with 12 cups. I froze 4 cups for a later day and used the rest. I quadrupled the recipe. Wow that's a lot of bread.Its a good thing i love to bake! I had to use 2 big bowls, 16 eggs, 12 cups of flour.... You get the picture. I'm bringing some muffins tonight to knitting, what would a knitting night be without food?!*grin*


Allena said...

YUM DH loves z bread! your knit night sounds like fun! i'm planning on when ever ours over here starts.. it's really crappy no food nothing we're just sitting around tables in the back of the crap whoops i mean craft stor here on post. to bring food b/c that would liven up the place.. or so i think at least!
poor baby give him hugs from his fav red hed aunt!
for your SP in your last package send a postcard (or note) from your town and stuff that you can find locally things like that are always fun and don't forget to link them to your site. that's what i did.. then wait and watch their blog till they get it. also email them before you send it saying it's coming to build the excitement... does that help? LMK if you need any more help! TTYL

Journey Queen said...

Poor Gabe :( I am glad he is feeling better. Shannon said she could tell you were so artistic from your blog :) go Jess!