Monday, August 8


I'm back! I had a really good time. Here is a bunch of pictures...

And some more:)

Why do vacations go by so quickly? I hate that. I wish we could have stayed there for a month! It was so nice to not have to be anywhere...We were only an hour away from home, that was nice for driving purposes and the kids! I was a bit disappointed that the lake didn't have a beach area to go swimming from, it was all kind of sea weedy and mucky near the shore. So one of the days we rented a pontoon boat and took it into the middle of nowhere and had our own private swimming area! That was a lot of fun. The only downside was despite the fact that we loaded the sunscreen(notice the picture of the sunscreen train) on we almost all got burned. And the next day or two we didn't want to be out in the sun:( i just started pealing yesterday... That's a bummer. oh well. We had bonfires at night, and ate smores. I even went fishing! I thing I caught 4 or 5 perch, that was our dinner on Friday night! I love being with family and look forward to next time! Then the whole family can come, they will all be state-side! Now its back to real life.

Knitwise I didn't get nearly as much knitting time as I would have thought I would, but a parent is never on vacation form their kids. Plus with my aunt and uncle there it was a good reason not to knit. It is kinda weird how i use to think of them as someone who had authority over me, but now we are just equal. I'm getting to know them on different level. Pretty cool. ... Sorry back to knitting, on my next post I'll have pictures of some t-bar shoes i knit to go with mabel, very cute. And pretty soon I'll have Leah model both the dress and the shoes for yall:)


Christy said...

welcome back!

Allena said...

hey you ARE going to send me those pix via email right?
i'm so sad i missed it!
i'm so happy that you guys had a good time though..
OMG your younins are getting SOOO big!

Journey Queen said...

The pix are great! I will have mine up soon! How do you do the little squares? I haven't figured it out yet. I also wish we were back there. I love lakes.... i haven't been to any here in CO. I started peeling too today! :)